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We would like to introduce to Ab van Overbeeke, Victor de l’Orme, Piet van den Bemd, Hans Petersen, Hein Hoonakker, John Cody en Frans van den Bemd, the heroes and the driving forces behind TEAM MAPITO together in a partnership. Not entirely by chance !

We have joined forces together in a group of freelancers; video editors, copywriters, marketing specialists, developers, site builders & designers. Possibly we pay production from abroad (DTP and programming) thus we can continue to focus on our rates.

Events. Advertising in online, offline, audio and video. Full campaigns (incl. market research, strategy and prospects selection).

- The power to know what your customers move.

- The power to turn creative designs functionally sale.

- The power to bring out the distinctiveness of you.

Experience it yourself. We continue to focus on our rates, regardless of the thickness of your wallet.

From the market, we notice that there is more and more often asked the question whether we can come over for a shoot and take pictures, or shoot film. However, when going through and deepen the customer, for which the use is, there often seem to be much more questions and is often considered conservative in different branches and one is not fully aware of the techniques that are going very fast. We would like to discuss this OPEN and clearly advise you, this is our expertise, both inside (CRM -) and the outside (website).

Deckhand superyacht

Passion for Arctic sea safaris, diving with orcas and when i'm not hunting I like to shoot image in real close encounter with nature @sea or on land.

+31(0)6614 17 99 90

Location Manager

I prefer to work with beautiful woman on the Bahamas.

+34(0) 669 91 26 40

Hero photoshopper

When I'm not hard at work on new themes I shoot on Ibiza and create artwork finised in liquid gloss.

+31(0)625 06 79 79

Producer / Imagemaker

When I'm not hard at work on new advertising project or events, I enjoy running and kayaking.

+31(0)653 44 33 95

3D designer & developer

Unlike any other forms of design, web design is much more challenging but it's what I pursuit.

+31(0)76 514 53 40

Executive Producer

With years of experience in marketing & film, I'm confident enough to meet all needs from my customers.

+91(0)991 005 30 86

Location manager

When I'm not hard at work for a feature film I like to work on my new PR and national champion record shorttrack 800m .

+32(0)486 63 03 01

Location Manager

I handle boats and work & live on water.

+31(0)645 42 47 42